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Home UPS
Reverse phase protection.
Over  Load capacity up to 300%.
Reverse battery protection
Battery fuse blown display
No humming noise (silent inverter)
State of art MOSFET based PWM technology with greater efficiency at lower cost with dynamic stability.
Wide input voltage range.
Selector switch for inverter/ UPS.
Battery high protection.
Over temperature protection.


On Line  UPS (1 KVA to 400 KVA )

High performance voltage and current regulation control.
Auto sense intelligent control smart charger.
High efficiency.
Totally reliable solutions.
Superior power quality.
Web, SNMP and Telnet Monitoring (optional).
Only 12% output regulations on mains mode. 
Hot stand-by.
Very low third harmonic distortion <3%.
All necessary protections like short circuit, thermal, battery low/ high, mains MCB trip etc. with comprehensive display.


Offline UPS  (
600 VA to 2 KVA)
High performance voltage and current regulation with DSP control.
Changeover with phase synchronization.
A highly advanced self-start Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR).
Communication interface with computer.
Digital monitoring and data logging.
No load auto shut down in battery mode.
Battery mode indication with buzzer.
Shut down with automatic file saving.
High efficiency
Superior power quality
Wide input voltage range
Fast changeover, which makes it compatible to computer.
All necessary protections like short circuit, battery low/ high applications.   


Lift Inverter

Automatic Control
No extra accessories panel, acoustic cover etc.
Noiseless operation
Environment friendly
Space require less
Operational cost fixed during the battery life span
No fuel storage license required
Built-in protection like overload, short-circuit, over voltage, regulated voltage & frequency
Built-in emergency landing facility



Stabi Sleek tower type design.
Output/Input Status indicator.
Output / Input Voltage monitor.
Intelligent time delay system, which ensures correct balancing time for the compressor.
Latest integrated circuit based technology.
Low/High voltage cut off.
Built-in thermal overload protection.
Epoxy coated cabinet with texture finis
Voltage stabilization response time: 10 - 20 milliseconds.
 Very high. Output voltage remains continuously available even up to 3 milliseconds of non availability of input voltage. Of Short interruptions and dips handling capacity


Generator ( 450 VA to 50 Kva )

PORTABLE GENSETS - Silent Series. ( 550 Va to 1000 Va )

AC Output, Kerosene Run, Recoil Start

PORTABLE GENSETS - Handy Series ( 1000 Va to 2100 Va )

AC Output, Kerosene Run, Key Start

PORTABLE GENSETS - LPG Series ( 450 Va to 1400 Va )

AC Output, LPG Run, Recoil Start


Fuel Efficiency proven 4-Stroke Technology ensures high fuel efficiency.

An inbuilt Circuit Breaker prevents the alternator from being damaged in case of a short circuit.

Special muffling minimizing noise levels. Meeting national standards of air emission regulation


SMF ( Sealed Maintenance Free )
Available Range ( 7 AH 12 Volts.  to 200 AH 12 Volts )

Lead Acid Industrial Batteries
Available Range ( 80 Ah 12 Volts to 200 Ah 12 volts )

Lead Acid Tubular Industrial Batteries
Available Range ( 80 Ah 12 Volts to 200 Ah 12 volts )

Solar Inverter

Solar Inverter comes with the choice of charging of batteries by both solar as well as mains utility (Hybrid Version), with automatic change over from mains to battery and from battery to mains like a regular inverter. It employs an inverter circuitry, two-level battery charging from mains, Solar Charge Controller and fast change over mechanism during power failure and resumption. The unit comes with built-in protection against dangerously high mains voltages up to 400V, thereby protecting the precious electrical load connected.

Features and Benefits:

DC INPUT             :  12V / 24V.

BATTERIES           :  SMF / TUBULAR / AUTOMOTIVE up to 180AH.

OUTPUT                :  200VA to 1000VA AT 230V / 50 Hz, Quasi Sine Wave.

CONVERSION       :   PWM / MOSFETS with fast correction for load and battery regulation.

PROTECTIONS      : Over load / short circuit, battery over charge & deep discharge, reverse connection of Batteries.                 
CONTROLLER       :   Up to 20A capacity with protections against reverse connection of batteries, reverse  connection of solar panels,                                 battery overcharge and deep discharge, reverse flow of current from panels to battery during light.

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